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Refund Policy



Because of the nature of this event, all registration payments are non-refundable and all sales merchandise are final.  Race registrations are not transferable to other participants.

Eager 2 Run, Inc. event directors reserve the right to cancel any event in the event of accidents, labor disputes, acts of war or terrorism military or armed conflicts, insurrections, rebellions, riots, explosions, lightening, earthquakes, fires, storms, rain and floods, wind, hail or, if in the discretion of Eager 2 Run, Inc., any such acts or causes which require cancellation of the event for safety or security reasons, or, if Eager 2 Run, Inc. cancels the event for any other reason pursuant to 12 hours written notice. In the event of such cancellation, there will be no refunds. Each participant accepts any such risk to his/her registration fee upon payment.

Eager 2 Run, Inc. reserves the right to change the venue and/or date of the event for any reason.  In the event of such change of date or venue (or both), you will not be entitled to a refund, but your registration will still be valid for the new location and/or date.  Eager 2 Run, Inc. event directors reserve the right to remove athletes, spectators, sub-contractors, venue employees, friends, family, and anyone else from the event, without refund, should his/her behavior endanger the safety or negatively affect a race, person, venue, person, or property of any kind.

In the event that you are injured or otherwise unable to attend an event, you may reach out to us directly at: contact@eager2run.com

Please note, Eager 2 Run, Inc. reserves the right to update, amend, or change this policy at any time without notice.